What We Do

Allergenix offers preclinical in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo models and testing systems that deliver important mechanistic data informing efficacy study design. Learn more >>

Our Technology

Allergenix offers its services and technology to companies involved in drug development, both in the discovery and preclinical trial phases. Learn more about our technology >>

Recent Projects

We have been involved in research projects for the testing of new compounds/delivery systems, and in contract research with corporates, for over 10 yrs. Learn more >>

Sheep Models & Applications

Sheep lungs are in many ways similar in structure and function to human lungs. This is what makes sheep an attractive research tool for highly translational studies. Learn more >>

Our Mission

Allergenix is committed to providing its clients with quality services and appropriate models to test and improve their products and facilitate their translation into the clinic. By providing our unique translational sheep models for drug delivery testing and respiratory diseases, we aim to bridge the gap between mice and humans, and offer our clients a competitive edge in product development.