Recent Projects

Allergenix has been involved in translational research projects for the testing of new compounds/delivery systems, and in contract research with Biotechnology/Pharma companies for more than 10 years – for further details contact us.


Development and testing of a sheep ARDS preclinical treatment model, 2021-23: CSL Ltd

Biodistribution of inhaled AD-214 in fibrotic lungs of sheep, 2021-22: Adalta Ltd

Pulmonary pharmacokinetics of dry powder nintedanib in sheep, 2020-21: Avalyn Pharma Inc

Pulmonary pharmacokinetics of niclosamide in sheep, 2020: Union Therapeutics A/C

Pulmonary pharmacokinetics of nintedanib in sheep, 2020: Avalyn Pharma Inc

Safety and tolerability of cisplatin-based dry powder for inhalation in sheep, 2018-19: InhaTarget Therapeutics

Pilot studies to investigate the effects of GBR910 in sheep models of acute pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis, 2015-17: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Our Services

Allergenix will conduct preclinical trials on a contract research basis and may license its technology to third parties interested in performing their own in-house research.