Pulmonary Drug Administration

For the treatment of pulmonary disease, direct drug administration into the lung by inhalation is the most appropriate route to maximise target efficacy, while reducing systemic effects and dosage required.

A broad range of techniques can be incorporated into studies undertaken in our sheep models. These analyses can be customised to suit client needs, particularly with respect to target identification and endpoint analysis. This level of flexibility provides any number of study designs precisely matched to the questions you need answered.

Pulmonary Delivery Systems

  • testing of new delivery platforms
  • instillation; liquid aerosolisation; dry powder delivery


Pulmonary Drug/Compound Delivery

  • testing of new formulations
  • soluble/liquid; dry powder
  • nanoparticles; siRNA; antibodies; aerosolised DNA vaccine
  • drugs for local (lung) and systemic targets
  • pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) assessments of drug efficacy
  • surgical interventions to monitor drug clearance (i.e. venous/arterial catheters; lymphatic cannulation)
  • acute and long-term toxicity assessments (local and systemic)